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Who is Suryakant Sakpal?

Suryakant Sakpal is the Founder of V-Serve International a modern-day consultancy firm with an aim to significantly improve the quality of life/business across India and the world by empowering the power of thoughts to help individuals/business unlock their fullest potential – Grow any business, champion any goal, multiply productivity and fast-track success to create a world-class business and life. 

Personally driven to develop and expand individual’s vision of business and wellness, Suryakant created V-Serve International to help people advance the skills they will need to improve their business. Through his public speaking, content and knowledge he inspires people across India to unlock their potential and pursue greatness in business especially Health, IT, Real Estate and in Agriculture sector.

In addition, Suryakant Sakpal is a Reiki Master, Healer and Practitioner.His unique blend of Indian spiritual wisdom in combination with the Japanese technique enables him to identify and release mental as well as emotional blocks that usually stops individuals from achieving their life’s purpose and goals.

Suryakant is a Press Member of Bharat Sarkar RNI. NO. MAHAMAR/1996/2660 and is a long time Pune District President of Humanity First Foundation – A social welfare organization. He is registered with Super Power Alliance (SPA) – A fastest growing business and referral exchange organization.

Suryakant is a keynote public speaker and has been communicating with large audience in schools, corporates and public gatherings. As an empowerment coach and a spiritual teacher, he has been expanding awareness and harmonizing kids, youth and adults with natural laws of the universe.

Suryakant Sakpal's Story

Born in a family with humble background, Suryakant spent his childhood years in his ancestral home in rural Satara with limited to no access to basic amenities including electricity. Life was very primitive and at a very young age he was surrounded with everything that which is troublesome to young mind and soul – violence, distress, exploitation, agony, torment along with other banes of society.

Despite the hardship of his physical environment, his mother’s spiritual work as a traditional healer and clairvoyant not only inspired him to make a positive difference but also encouraged him to dig deeper into the root cause of all the miseries and vices of the human society. Driven by his mother’s spiritual teaching, at very young age, Suryakant vowed to become the product of his vision instead of becoming a product of the negative environment that encompassed his village.


With more exposure to spiritual knowledge and insightful additional tools, his profound inner understanding and the desire to find deeper purpose and meaning, further evolved the course of his life. Over the years, he has devoted his life to thoughtfully understanding, assimilating and deepening his intense inward journey. From last five years he has been religiously working in Mumbai, Pune and Satara with individuals, schools, corporates and small groups as a counsellor, educator and a spiritual teacher.

Suryakant’s thoughtful yet simple teachings have already helped several individuals including young and old across Mumbai, Pune and Satara to find inner peace, happiness and greater fulfilment in their personal lives. At the core of his teachings and experiences lies the evolution of consciousness, a spiritual growth that he perceives as the greater step in transcending our ego-based consciousness – a necessity required not only for personal happiness but also for ending of all vices from our minds as well as in our surroundings.

Suryakant Sakpal's Contribution

Most individuals desire more in their life – more money, more fun, more success and more happiness. However, this is a process in itself and can never happen accidentally. Suryakant’s teachings are built on the basis that we have a power and energy flowing in and through us, which is way more superior to any external circumstances surrounding us. He not only teaches but also guides on how to use thoughts to direct this power and energy. His teaching experience with special needs children have been remarkable.

By educating and empowering individuals through his talks and services, Suryakant has been expanding awareness and harmonizing people while making them move beyond the perceived limitations of the world surrounding them.

As an empowering coach and business educator, Suryakant yearns to teach others how to transform their lives positively – that which is content, peaceful and successful. He primarily emphasizes on paradigm shift. Paradigms are nothing but a certain sect of habits that rule every move that we make in our daily lives. These habits govern our daily routine, shift our focus and even determines our successes and failures. Faulty paradigms and negativity is the reason why most of the people fail to make an impact year after year.

In his pursuit to help more and more people to drive their purpose, Suryakant continues to offer practical ways to help individuals in developing the extraordinary power of the brain and the mind to get the winning advantage.

Reay to transform Your Life Truly

Stop pleading for what you desire and start declaring what you want. While the former comes from doubt and fear of non-fulfilment, the latter comes from the faith that you are very much in control of your own destiny. So, keep aside all your uncertainties, put on your learning hat and learn about the programs that are going to transform your business and personal life to the next level.

Upraise Your Business

Even a tiny shift in your method, mindset and mentality can generate linear profit and upraise your business entity to an entirely new level of success. With personalized tools, strategies and trainings, Suryakant as a business educator is truly focused on the required outcome for your business. Eliminate your mental blocks, build your plan and gear up to attain financial freedom as an entrepreneur with Suryakant’s established professional training resolutions.

Elevate Your Personal Life

If you think you are hustling too hard for the relationship/ luxury/ life of your dreams, Suryakant’s empowering training and consultants will help you to shift your paradigms, change your patterns to achieve your greatest and wildest dreams.


Unlocking Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, stress, sorrows and hopelessness often ruins the quality of your life which in turn effects your health, career, relationships and changes the course of your life, sometimes even leading to suicidal thoughts. With a brief experience in training with the mind and the brain, Suryakant helps you to get over any emotional and mental blocks – transforming your life graciously.

Story and Contribution

Born in a family with humble background, Suryakant spent his childhood years in his ancestral home in rural Satara with limited.

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Ms. Jyoti Sawant

I could go on and on because your magnificence and contributions are limitless. Basically, I think you are a treasure and I want to acknowledge what a great person you are and all the wonderful things you do to make this universe a brighter place.

Ms. Reshma Ghodke

Thank you sir for showing me the right path and illuminating my mind .I will be grateful to you throughout my life. आपण केलेले मार्गदर्शन माझ्या मनशक्ती आणि मनःशांतीसाठी अतिशय उपयुक्त आहे.

Ms. Prutha Nande

Today’s session was very energetic. The workshop greatly expanded my understanding of mindfulness and gave me great understanding of how it can be used for self-awareness/self-management Regards.

Ms. Deepika Gaikwad

Thank you for all of your light inspirational thoughts and contributions. Your content has been very valuable, especially your session on positive and negative energy. I am thankful to have you as a mentor in being yourself and speaking your truth about life.

Ms. Janhavi Patankar

Thank you sir… A truly great counsellor is hard to find… Difficult to part with and impossible to forget…

Ms. Saroj Kanase

I will always appreaciate everything you taught me Thank you for being an exemplary and visionary mentor. Thank you is a small word, because under your guidance, i have learned so much from you. Thank you again sir…


    If you have a Positive Mindset, you will have a Positive Outlook..!

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